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Rumours are emerging that Sony may be working on a new updated model of the Playstation 4, which will perform better and will support 4K.

According to Kotaku, multiple sources have informed them that the updated PS4 will have a stronger GPU to allow for games to run faster as well as boosting the graphical output of games on the console. Sony are refusing to comment, despite the rumours coming from developers claiming to work with the Playstation division of Sony.

Taken from Techradar Taken from Techradar

A 4K version of the PS4 would help Sony in their efforts in the 4K world. Techradar report that:

“PS VR would benefit greatly from an improved processor – allowing it to operate closer to a level set by higher-tier VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, which demand some serious PC support to run smoothly.”

Games Bulletin will update you as the story progresses, but personally I see this being an E3 announcement. Assuming the rumour is true.