Playstation VR Launches this October

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At this years Game Developers Conference (GDC) playstation has announced that Playstation VR will be releasing this October for $400. Playstation expects that more than 50 games will be available from the launch in October to the end of the year. Over 230 developers have been creating and building content for the Playstation VR to make it the best virtual reality experience. The Playroom VR will be a free download from the playstation store for all Playstation VR users at launch and will come with six games. Anyone who purchases a Playstation VR system will get a Playstation VR demo disc that will come with a multitude of playable experiences. The Playstation VR system itself will come with the headset of course, the processor unit, earphones, and series of cables, like HDMI and USB along with others. 

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The Playstation VR system will require a Playstation camera as well to function. The camera will not be bundled with the system and must be bought separately for $60. Those who purchase this system will also need to buy Move controllers, which are required to play some VR games. Move controllers usually run about $50 with certain games needing two controllers to play. With Oculus-Rift shipping to consumers who pre-ordered the system later this month and HTC Vive arriving in April, the future of gaming is not far.  Playstation VR is set to release this October with pre-orders set to be available soon. 

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