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Superhot, the time bending first-person shooter, have uploaded a time lapse video to their Youtube channel to thank backers, fans and players of the game for their support. 

The video, which can be found at the end of this article, shows a timelpase of a mural depicting the game’s somewhat iconic red characters broken up with gameplay footage. The video that ends with the message: 

“To all of our backers, fans and players

It wouldn’t be possible without you

Thank you for an amazing three years

Stay awesome

Love, Superhot Team”

The giant street art can be seen near the Superhot team’s offices in Lodz, Poland, and is painted on the side of a building provided to the team by Mzuri CFI; an appartment, housing and business renting agency. 

Superhot released on February 25th after doing the rounds on Youtube for a while, and is set to release on Xbox One at some point this month. This is most likely what the end of the video’s description is referring to: “Stay awesome and stay tuned for more SUPERHOT soon, very soon”