Ubisoft To Begin Crack Down On Rainbow Six Siege Cheaters

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Those of you who enjoy cheating on Ubisoft’s team-based shooter Rainbow Six Siege beware. Ubisoft is set to begin it’s crackdown on the game’s cheaters by changing the game’s algorithms. 

“In order to increase our efforts to counter cheating in Rainbow Six Siege, we will be expanding our criteria to identify potential cheaters,” Ubisoft explained. “If identified as a potential cheater, that player will be immediately removed from the game and receive a temporary suspension.”

While the game has launched to widespread praise (6.9 user score on Metacritic) players of the game have been reporting issues with cheaters, especially those who spawn-kill. Hopefully these changes will stop this, but there’s no word of what will happen to repeat offenders. It just appears that repeat offenders will receive repeat temporary suspensions. 

Games Bulletin will update you once we hear back from Ubisoft. 

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