Breaking Bad Easter Egg Found In The Division (BB Spoilers)

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PLEASE NOTE. If you have not watched Breaking Bad the image in this article will contain some spoilers to the plot of Breaking Bad that will ruin the show for you. Please do not read on if you haven’t yet watched Breaking Bad. (Also, if you haven’t watched Breaking Bad I personally highly recommend it). 

Reddit user Mechanical_Gman has found a pretty cool Breaking Bad easter egg in Ubisoft’s recent post-apocalyptic release The Division. 

Image taken from Reddit
Image taken from Reddit

The easter egg, pictured above, shows a Jonathan Pinkman (a play on Jesse PInkman) who’s current status is unknown but is known to have a criminal record. The image also shows a William White (a play on Walter White) who is known to have operated a car wash and is currently deceased, a nod to the character’s fate at the end of the show. 

Easter eggs are always one of the cooler touches to a game in my opinion, so it will be interesting to see what other easter eggs emerge in the following weeks. 

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