Firewatch Lets You Develop Your In Game Photos

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First things first: Firewatch is a beautiful game that only recently came to my attention. It seems to be slipping underneath most people’s (including mine) radar and I highly recommend you watch the trailer at the end of the article. 

The game sees the player playing as Henry, who sits in a watch tower finding smoke and keeping the wilderness safe from fire. Something causes Henry to leave his tower forcing him to explore the wilderness with only the help of Delilah, Henry’s supervisor who contacts him via a handheld radio. 

But according to an article by TechnoBuffalo the PC version of Firewatch has an interesting feature missing from the console versions of the game. In the PC versions of the game players have the  ability to print real-life versions of the in game photos they take. This is verified by an image supplied by TechnoBuffalo, shown below, which shows the ordered pictures.                                                                              

TechnoBuffalo report that after the player finishes the game, on PC, players will find a link in the menu that takes you to the store to allow you buy real printed versions of the in game pictures. The article states that pre-launch prices were heavily discounted, but they expect the costs to be between $10 and $20.

Check out 17 minutes of gameplay below, thanks to IGN. 

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