<p>Are Bungie looking to improve Destiny using player feedback?</p>
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According to Reddit user unknownRPG, Destiny creators Bungie are surveying players who have stopped playing Destiny to find out why they stopped playing. 

unknownRPG posted the above image from the survey on sharing site Imgur.The survey asks for a reason as to why players may have stopped playing, with reasons including “I ran out of things to do”, “I don’t own The Taken King” and “I don’t like PvP”. The survey then goes on to ask how likely players are to return to Destiny, before asking for any extra comments. 

Assuming this survey is real this makes sense. Given the recent changing of Bungie’s CEO the company are more than likely looking to improve the game, which seems to be losing traction, and this is their way to do this. Hopefully it pans out. 

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