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As most of you know, late last week, The Division Closed Beta was released. Right off of the bat there were players hacking and cheating in the game, mainly The Dark Zone. Ubisoft claims that they are going through the feedback and are aware of the happenings, even the cheating that has been happening on the PC versions of the Beta. A statement was released on the official Ubisoft forum regarding the issue.

“Over the last few days, we have seen an unprecedented level of interest for the Closed Beta. We are looking into your feedback with care and we are thrilled by your passion and enthusiasm! We are aware of the cheating issues in the Closed Beta on PC. The team is fully committed to providing solutions against this and a system will be in place to ensure a fair experience for players when the game is released on March 8.

Thank you all for your feedback and amazing support!”

Hopefully this issue will be 100% resolved by the time of the game’s official release.