<p>Action figure racing game heading to console in March.</p>
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Action Henk, the action figure racing game, is set to release for console this March. The game, produced by RageSquid, is a speed plafrormer based in a world where toys race and compete to see which figure will rein supreme. The game is described as a mix between “Sonic, Toy Story and Trials”, with the gameplay seeing players run, jump and butt-slide there way to victory.

The console versions of the game will see all the usual features (single and multiplayer mode, over 30 characters, over 70 courses and boss battles) but will also feature a new local mutiplayer mode. 

Action Henk will release on Xbox One on March 4th, and will hit PS4 on a unknown date in early March. 

Check out Action Henk’s multiplayer trailer below.

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