Dark Souls 3 Publisher Launches Slashy Souls

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Gamestop must really want you to pre-order Dark Souls 3, because they made a game about it. Slashy Souls is a mobile  endless runner from the developers Bandai Namco in partnership with video game retailer Gamestop. 

Slashy Souls is very similar to the Dark souls franchise. You are a knight of some sort with a multitude of weapons and magic at your disposal, also lots of dying. This game throws enemy’s at you like skeletons and flying demon creatures. It has a good amount of boss fights in it as well. 

This game has the potential to be a very decent free to play Dark Souls spin off. The only problem is the game is extremely buggy. There would be times where you would die and the dreaded “YOU DIED” screen would come up. The only problem is that screen wouldn’t go away. It stays there after spawning leaving no visibility, just the sounds of death.

 Other problems include my character jumping around at random or the game just crashing entirely. I feel as if this was slapped together really quick as another way for Gamestop to get you to pre-order Dark Souls 3. 

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