PlayStation VR Event Announced

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Sony have announced that they will be showcasing their virtual reality system at the Game Developers Conference on March 2015. The event will begin will a presentation, with demonstrations available later during the event. 

The PSVR system is appearing to be the cheapest of the big VR systems, maybe due to the fact the system is restricted only to the PS4. It’s estimated price is around $400-$600, with the Occulus Rift coming in at around $600 and the HTC Vive coming in at $800. Although admittedly that includes everything you need to enjoy VR gaming (minus the expensive PC rig). 

It wasn’t revealed what PlayStation are planning to showcase, but we can hope it’s a concrete price and a more specific release date. Recent interviews have suggested that the PSVR system, which was meant to release in the first half of 2016, won’t reach that target and is instead intended for a fall release. 

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