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Future Cop: LAPD (PS1)

third person shooter, players play the role of a pilot for the X1-Alpha (Robot designed to fight) fighting in the ‘Crime War’ in L.A in 2098. This is probably due to the nostalgia, but playing 2 players throughout the game when i was young makes this the top mention for me.

Stubbs the Zombie (Xbox)

You play as a zombie who wants to eat brains, while Mr. Sandman is playing in the background, need I say more?

Red Dead Redemption (PS3)

An open world cowboy game, with a zombie dlc (most underrated dlc). Better than GTA in my opinion, this has been the one of the best open world games.

Red Faction (ps2)

purely the local multiplayer similar the quake with destructible walls. This was pure fun back in the day.

Football manager (PC)

From the 90s-present this has always got me hooked. Always Man United, and always bought Freddy Adu and Sergio Aguero

Small Soldiers (PS1)

Based on the amazing film. I loved playing as the Gorgonites when i was like 5.

Gex (PS1)

This was my favourite platformer game when I was young. Just edged Spyro and Crash.

Halo 3 (Xbox 360)

The last mission when you’re driving over the explosions while epic music is playing was pure adrenaline fun. However, the multiplayer is what put this in my top games of all time as I had the best online experience in this game.

Crash Team Racing (PS1)

Like Mario but with crash, and was very fun when playing local multiplayer with friends.

Super Mario Land (Gameboy)

Was one of the first games I played religiously and being on gameboy, i could play anywhere.

Beast Wars (PS1)

Transformers with animals. That is all.