<p>Xbox One set to get the beta and DLC before PS4</p>
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The Division’s open beta is set to start later this week, and now we a trailer for the open beta. The open beta starts today on Xbox One today, and will hit PC and PS4 tomorrow. 

The open beta contains all of the content from the closed beta, however none of the progress from the closed beta carried over to the open beta. The open beta features a new story mission called Subway Morgue, where players meet the infamous faction known as The Cleaners.Those who play in the open beta will receive a special in-game reward when the game releases March 8th. 

The trailer for the open beta is available below. 

It seems Xbox One will also receive DLC content before PlayStation 4, according to a video from GameStop. In the video a GameStop associate claims that DLC content will come to the Xbox One 30 days before it comes to PS4, but it remains unclear when PC players will get access to any expansions. The video is available below. 

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