Titanfall 2 May Be Out Later This Year. Maybe.

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Toymaker McFarlane Toys may have accidentally revealed to fans that we can Titanfall 2 later this year. 


McFarlane Toys had announced that they would be making figures for EA’s upcoming game Titanfall 2. It was announced via a press release that both the figures and Titanfall 2 will be released Winter 2016. 

But this article doesn’t finish on a good note. GameSpot reached out to EA about the supposed release date but they shut rumours down. 

“MacFarlane Toys will be releasing toys inspired by Titanfall in Winter of 2016. We have yet to provide a release date for the next Titanfall experience from Respawn.”

Could this be an accidental leak by McFarlane Toys, or a genuine mistake? We’ll have to wait and see I guess …


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