The Division Open Beta Announced

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Yesterday Ubisoft announced that their upcoming third-person shooter The Division will be getting an open beta very soon. 

The Division recently had it’s closed beta which was received to good reviews (you can find our review here). Even if it was revealed that PC gamers had discovered how to exploit The Divsion to get access to cheats such as unlimited health and ammo. 

The open beta is obviously open to everyone but there are some exceptions. The open beta will take place from the February 19th until February 21st for Xbox One, Playstation and PC, but players can preload the open beta from February 16th. Those of you on Xbox One get access to the beta one day early from February 18th. 

The main thing I am looking to see is if Ubisoft managed to stop the PC exploits. You can see the latest trailer for The Division, titled Enemy Factions, below. 

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