<p>The much loved game is finally coming to Xbox One</p>
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Rocket League, the much loved soccer-driving mix from Psyonix, is set to release on Xbox One next week on February 17th. The game will be available via the ID@Xbox program. 

Rocket League was released to critical acclaim on Playstation 4 and PC, so it was only inevitable that the game would come to Xbox. But those of you grabbing the game on Xbox One will be able to grab the game for $20 and as a thank you for the wait the team at Psyonix are also including the 3 packs of DLC released so far in that price tag. Xbox One fans will also get the exclusive vehicles; the Gears of War Amardillo and a variant of Halo’s Warthog. 

Check out the Xbox One reveal trailer below. 

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