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New details have emerged of the Sky Fortress DLC.  Avalanche Studios stated, ” Sky Fortress will bring new missions, features, and other exciting surprises to the skies of Medici. We’re play-testing this content right now so watch this space for more news on this very soon.”

Sky Fortress is the first of three expansions in the Air, Land, and Sea Expansion Pass. No new details have been released of the next two expansions.

Avalanche also confirmed that some weapons and vehicles that were offered as preorder exclusives are now available for everyone to buy across Steam, PlayStation Network, and Xbox Live.

“We’ll continue to roll these out as soon as they’re ready, with the next patch expected later in the month,” it said. “We’re doing everything we can to get to the bottom of all the issues that are reported to us,” Avalanche commented.

The expansion will be released soon, but no official date has been released.