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Nothing sucks more than spending 60 or more US Dollars on a brand new game and then having to dish out another $30 or more on a season pass. Companies have finally figured out that if we buy a game, of course we are going to want more content! Especially if there is a level cap put on the game if you don’t buy the next DLC. But why sell us an incomplete game for full price and then charge us more for a season pass for DLC that may suck?

On top of that, players on the next gens can’t just go without XBL or PSN, and with more and more game relying so heavily on an internet connection we don’t really have a choice on the PS3 and Xbox 360 either. I just feel like everything has become so expensive, so we pay for internet from our provider, pay to play on the internet via console, pay for the console, pay for the game, pay for season pass, and last but not least some people choose to pay for even more extras. Gaming is the most expensive hobby in my household, and it really shouldn’t be. It’s just insane for a game to get released complete or not with possible bugs, and then not even 3 months later a DLC is added. Really? You couldn’t have just released that with the game and have it included? Of course not, then you wouldn’t be able to squeeze more cash out of us passionate gamers.

On a positive note, at least the XBL and PSN subscriptions keep servers cleaned up for the most part and companies can fix games via update. That’s pretty much the only good that comes from the money drained from my pocket.

On another note, you may be willing to dish out the money when it is just you, but when your significant other and yourself are gamers…it’s fun, but costs double, pretty much two of everything.¬†Who wants to share their consoles? Not me, I would rather play together than take turns. Yet again though, more and more money.

And that is my opinion, sometimes I think any other hobby would be cheaper than video games.

But I wouldn’t trade it for anything, gaming has shown me friendship and the worst in people.

Gaming is life. Just have to know what your limits are financially.

Don’t even get me started on preorder exclusives.