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Let’s start with this. Yes it’s cool. But what does nearly $400 get you?

The figure in question is a 1/6th scale action figure of the T-45 Power Armour, made by Threezero, will be available to preorder on January 27th. We currently have no shipping date. 

The figure stands at 14.5 inches tall and has over 35 points of articulation. It’s fingers can be moved to hold the AER-9 Laser Rifle (which comes included), and comes with an exchangeable male survivor head. And the helmet features a LED light. The most clever point is that the Power Armour pieces are detachable, so they can be swapped with other upcoming Power Armour models. 

The retail version includes the figure with the laser rifle and costs $380. However if you order from the Threezero website you can order the T-45 model with a minigun. And seeing as the minigun version costs $398 (only $18 more) I would personally pick that one.

Check out this gallery below for more images of the figures.