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Originally scheduled for release in September 2016, Bungie’s “Destiny 2”, will be pushed back to a later date according to a report from Kotaku (while this has not been confirmed). Destiny 2 was to be the next big installment to the game and never had an official release date. Destiny 2 is to be the next big thing for Destiny in 2016, other than that, mini events, activities, and updates keep the game ever changing.

Bungie and Activision wanted to release disc-based sequels every other year until 2019, with large DLC expansions in between. It is unclear if plans were changed with news of the recent delay, but a sequel was kind of implied/expected with the Taken King.

The next activity/event is scheduled to begin on February 9th and will be a Valentine’s Day event called “Crimson Days”. The tower will yet again be decorated on par with the theme and the event will last for one week.

The Crucible mode will also have a new 2v2 variant called Crimson Doubles.