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Brian Horton, game director for Rise of the Tomb Raider, has left Crystal Dynamics to join acclaimed Call of Duty studio Infinity Ward. 

Ghosts was Infinity Ward's last CoD game back in 2013, and fans didn't receive it well. 
Ghosts was Infinity Ward’s last CoD game back in 2013, and fans didn’t receive it well. 

Mere hours after Horton announced him leaving Crystal Dynamics, it was revealed that he was in fact joining Infinity Ward. The news comes from Horton’s LinkedIn profile and his Twitter bio stating he is at Infinity Ward. His job will be to oversee the art direction for an unannounced project, which seems like it will most likely be a Call of Duty game. 

Infinity Ward’s last Call of Duty game was Ghosts back in 2013. Given the three year, three studio cycle Call of Duty is a part of it is highly likely that the game Horton is working on is a Call of Duty game. It seems that after the poor response Ghosts received from fans Infinity Ward are looking to rectify old mistakes.