Lemmy Comes To Los Santos

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Thanks to a GTAV mod you can now play as rock ‘n’ roll legend Lemmy from the iconic band Motorhead. 

The mod allows you to do all the things Lemmy was known for, and the character model is actually really well made as you can see below. 

The mod even comes with a list of commands :

Shift+L: become Lemmy Kilmister
Shift+B: spawn Hexer motorbike
Shift+H: spawn hooker/s
Shift+J: Motorhead t-shirt (after Shift+L)
Shift+O: smoke
Shift+K: drink
Shift+I: play guitar or drums
Shift+Q: stop current animation (after smoke, drink or guitar)

Lemmy, or Ian Kilmister, sadly passed away recently aged 70, just two days after finding out he had aggressive cancer. He was the vocalist and bassist for Motorhead, a band regarded as one of the (if not the) leading bands in the metal industry.

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