Day: 11 April 2016


Fallout 4’s Next DLC

Reading Time: < 1 minute Fallout’s next DLC, called Wasteland Workshop, will be released on April 12th along with Destiny and The Division’s updates. The Wasteland Workshop will give players more things to craft, including traps for creatures, food plots, and radiation decontamination stations. This will be Fallout 4’s second DLC since release and it is the second out of three that has been scheduled. You can watch the trailer below. What are you most excited for in the new update? Fallout 4 has been lacking in cats so I am pretty excited. Has Bethesda done well with content so far? I have yet to play Automatron, but I […]


Sam Lake Teases Quantum Break Sequel And Multiplayer For Future Games

Reading Time: < 1 minute Sam Lake, Creative Director at Quantum Break and Alan Wake developer Remedy Entertainment, has teased that future Remedy games may feature multiplayer. There was also a tease of a Quantum Break sequel. “Certainly there are discussions about multiplayer. There are discussions about all kinds of ideas. We want to evolve with the times as well: try out new things that push ourselves, and always come back and question what is a Remedy game and how can we evolve it into something even cooler.” Lake also discussed the future of Quantum Break. While remaining fairly vague, for obvious reasons, Lake didn’t […]


Uncharted 4 Opening May Be More Emotional Than That Of The Last Of Us

Reading Time: < 1 minute In an interview with Playstation Espana Arne Meyer, communications director at Naughty Dog, has revealed that the opening to upcoming adventure title Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End may be particularly emotionally. “In my personal opinion this is our strongest beginning, opening sequence for games since the Last of Us, which was obviously very emotional, but I think this is probably one of the best opening sequences as well. That feeling of wanting to keep playing and wanting to know where it goes continues the entire game”. Those of you who have played The Last of Us may remember that the […]


More Information Shared About Final Fantasy XV

Reading Time: 2 minutes More details have been shared about Final Fantasy XV, Square Enix’s upcoming RPG epic. Director Hakime Tabata has given details around DLC, frame rate and the possibility of a PC version. Tabata spoke to JeuxVideo (which was translated and reported by DualShockers) that Square Enix has plans to announce extra content in the summer. According to Jabata, the developer doesn’t want to make what he called “ordinary DLC” and is looking to create enthusiasm among the fans. image courtesy of Final Fantasy XV is due for release in September for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but a PC version […]

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