Day: 8 April 2016


My Top 10 Games For A Rainy Day Part 2

Reading Time: 3 minutes This is Part 2 of Games for a rainy day. All opinions are strictly mine and these are games that I personally have enjoyed. 5. Dragon Age: Origins Dragon Age: Origins stood out to me when I started playing it, because you could play as an Elf, human, Dwarf, etc. Whatever race you were kind of influenced how the game would be for you, you would experience a different background story and your race could also hinder you in the outcome of the game. 4. Fallout: New Vegas Fallout: New Vegas was played pretty much up until Fallout 4 came […]


Fable Legends Could Still Move Forward

Reading Time: < 1 minute Last month saw Microsoft announcing the closure of Lionhead Studios and with it the cancellation of the free to play RPG Fable Legends. But now a report suggests the game might not be over. MCV report that 3 sources from Lionhead have told MCV that there are on-going discussions to save Fable Legends. Apparently staff are being surveyed as part of a consultation process conducted by Microsoft. Staff are being asked if they would like to accept the redundancy package and leave the studio at the end of April, or if the staff would like to continue work on Fable […]


Mafia 3 Screenshots Released

Reading Time: 2 minutes Mafia 3 is on its way for the next gen consoles and PC and screenshots taken from the games pre-alpha show it’s looking gorgeous. Seth Ronson, the game’s system designer recently gave a GDC presentation about NPC behaviour bringing life to games and used the images below. The shots show the streets of New Orleans where the game is set as well as some interesting looking interiors. Image courstesy of gamespot, click here for more. The images show moody streets with some impressive lighting from streetlights, to shop fronts to neon signs. The interiors look busy with NPC’s enjoying drinks or watching […]

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