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In all the years I have been gaming I have noticed that people are getting more and more brutal. Everyone knows that one guy that just completely loses their mind in Call of Duty, Battlefield, Halo, Destiny, etc. I too am guilty of getting upset, but I usually just ignore it or excuse myself from the situation. Unfortunately, ┬áthat is to be expected and almost the norm when it comes to PVP matches/games. On top of that, when I visit gaming forums for information or whatever, I see players just attacking each other for no reason. I know people can be stupid, but the amount of people that just go out of their way and troll is ridiculous. Even in games where you are supposed to cooperate and somewhat work together as a team, it is nearly impossible. If you haven’t figured out by now, I am an avid Destiny player, and in that game it does not really matter how “good” you are or think you are, you’re gonna die at some point whether it be Nightfall, strikes, or just getting overwhelmed in general. I mean when a player goes down on my fireteam my immediate thought is, “I need to get them!” And of course you’ll have those players that will be standing right next to your corpse and they won’t even pick you up, ” Well you shouldn’t have died!” Is the only excuse most people can give in the forums. I’m sorry to bother you with 5 seconds of your precious time. I guess some people are just WAY more team oriented.