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If you’re my age, or older, you probably remember the days of buying a new game and just popping it in the console and playing. Or the not-so distant past of playing games offline if your internet connection is down. When I was growing up I never encountered “game-breaking” glitches or any issues with my games like some people have experienced. What you bought was what you got as far as content goes. Seems like now days games are being pushed out with glitches on top of glitches and depending on a later “update” or DLC to fix the problems (however long that may be). It completely sucks when you preorder a game, pick it up, install it, and finally sit down to play…only to have glitch that disrupts the entire game (which sometimes the company already knew about). When I had my 360, I never bought XBL, because I didn’t wanna play multiplayer, nor did I enjoy paying to play on internet I already pay for with a game I paid WAY too much for (such is the life of a gamer). A vast majority of games now, especially this past year or so depend so heavily on the internet for EVERYTHING, forcing a player to buy PlayStation Plus and/or Xbox Live so they can just play the game in general. I was reading Need for Speed reviews and Rainbow Six Siege reviews and felt bad for the people who were stoked for the games and then SUPRISE the games are constantly online, and cannot be played otherwise. It’s understandable for those people to not spend oodles of money to play multiplayer that they don’t really want. I know people will jump in and say,” Well the money keeps the servers going!” OR,” They should have read the fine print on the game to see it was only playable with PS PLUS or XBOX LIVE!” May I remind everyone of Battlefield 4? A game that pretty much is sold for multiplayer? When it was released most people could not even play multiplayer because it was so glitched out with multiple glitches and server issues. Several updates were released throughout a year that fixed the problem. Other than glitches, some games are being pushed out that aren’t even complete, but charging full price and THEN charging even more for DLCs that should have been free or part of the original game (DESTINY). Then players find out the next year after spending nearly 150 US dollars on the game you could get everything for a mere 35 US dollars on Black Friday (or 60$ any other day), so awesome. Destiny changes their content every time the wind blows, so who knows what’s what anymore? Such a love/hate relationship with Destiny. In the end, internet access has pros and cons, but gaming gets to be a very expensive hobby after buying memberships, games, etc. What do you think?