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Am I the only one that feels a little ripped off when it comes to campaign-less games? Seems to be happening a lot lately, especially with Rainbow Six Seige, Black Ops 3, and Star Wars: Battlefront.

Black Ops 3 DOES indeed have a campaign if you buy for next gen, but if you are a 360 gamer or a PlayStation 3 gamer you are out of luck if you were hoping to have a campaign.  Most people play Call of Duty for the multiplayer of course, so I doubt many people even care. All I am saying is it would suck to have played every campaign prior, and then you have not bought/ can’t afford a next gen console. Although, Black Ops 3 is 10 US Dollars cheaper for previous generations, essentially they are saying their campaign is only worth $10. It’s sad because Black Ops 3 has a very good and interesting campaign.

Rainbow Six Siege ended up being a very good game, but it is a shame that there was no campaign. Also, Siege is playable with internet ONLY. I know quite a lot of people were disappointed that you could not do any of the modes by yourself without having a membership for internet. When I play games, I enjoy certain types of multiplayer, but I also enjoy playing solo with a really nice story. I am an appreciator of a well written story. Lastly, it sucks to have issues with the internet and be unable to play your new/favorite game.

Star Wars: Battlefront was a very highly anticipated game for most people. I have yet to play, because yet again, I would be paying full price for a straight multiplayer game. Like I said previously, I enjoy a good campaign and I don’t want to deal with random players, and my friends don’t always play the same games I do.

        Overall, I am aware if I want a good campaign I don’t HAVE to buy these games. If multiplayer is your thing, by all means buy these games and destroy every player out there!