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Team 17, the studio behind prison escape game The Escapists, have announced the games festive DLC. Titled Santa’s Sweatshop DLC the DLC takes on a darker festive theme, following the story of an elf in Santa’s workshop who becomes fed up with the conditions of his workplace. Namely the slave labour. 

“After suffering Santa’s cruel regime for the last 20 years, it’s time for you to leave it all behind and get back home to enjoy Christmas with your real family. Sick and tired of bad working conditions and zero pay, you decide to give Santa a present of your own and hit him where it hurts most and escape his sweatshop once and for all!”

St Nicolas may give us gifts for behaving, but he really doesn't know how to treat the elfs.
St Nicolas may give us gifts for behaving, but he really doesn’t know how to treat the elfs.

The DLC features a range of festive themed goodies such as :

·       Christmas themed level, jobs, characters and dialogue to get you through your working             day!
·       Get festive – despite the fact your poor elf fingers are worked to the bone!
·       Fresh and festive soundtrack to soak up as you plot your escape!
·       All new achievements/trophies for you to track down as well as the possibility of topping           the Leaderboard!

Santa’s Sweatshop will be available for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Check out the gallery below for screenshots of the DLC (taken from the PC version).