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Plague Inc. Evolved, a game that sees the player control bacteria in an attempt to eradicate all life on Earth, has received the much anticipated competitive multiplayer update on Steam.

The mode is fairly simple. Eradicate all life on Earth before your opponent. And don’t get wiped out by the humans. Or your enemy! 

“I can’t wait to see people battling to genetically dominate each other”, said James Vaughan, creator of Plague Inc. “May the best plague win!”.

New genes, evolutions and abilities allow the player to slow down the enemy plague! 

– Unscheduled Flight  sends a plane full of infected people to a far off country
– Immune Shock  overloads the immune system of people infected with both diseases – rapidly    killing millions
– Genetic Exposure lets you help humans develop a cure against your opponent.
– And much more…

Now competitive multiplayer is live, Ndemic Creations will be focusing on a cooperative multiplayer experience and bringing the game out of Early Access in early 2016.