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It has been revealed that fans of EA and DICE’s latest shooter, Star Wars Battlefront, won’t be receiving any DLC based upon Star Wars Episode VII : The Force Awakens. 

A fan recently asked the game’s Twitter account if Battlefront would be getting any DLC based upon the hit movie. The response was that the team behind Battlefront are focusing on the original trilogy. 

The Battle of Jakku is inspired by The Force Awakens, but because it is set 29 years before Episode VII it isn’t technically Episode VII DLC. DLC for the game is set in a way similar to all other DICE game, with the game’s Season Pass offering two weeks early access to the DLC. 

The DLC for Battlefront will offer 20 new items (including weapons, star cards and vehicles for both Rebels and Imperials), 4 additional heroes (who have yet to be named), 16 new maps and 4 new game modes. 

More importantly is the wording of the response. “This release”. Has the EA Star Wars account hinted to more Battlefront releases, or is this just a simple mistake?