Screenshot Shows Fable Legends Microtransactions

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A leaked screenshot from a closed-beta tester for Fable Legends has shown the prices of the game’s microtransactions. 

Fable Legends is a free-to=play game, and like most free-to-play game (somewhat) understandably contains micro-transactions. On a Reddit post someone, who apparently was on the closed beta, posted a screenshot from The Bank of Brightlodge showing the prices of the games microtransactions (shown below). 

These are apparently the prices of Fable Legend's transactions. 
These are apparently the prices of Fable Legend’s transactions. 

This is apparently what is for sale: 

  • Pound of Gold (850 pieces) — $5
  • Mark of Gold (1850 pieces) — $10
  • Stone of Gold (2850 pieces) – $15
  • Hundredweight of Gold (6000 pieces) – $30
  • Ton of Gold (12,800 pieces) – $60

Apparently you can play Fable Legends, start to finish, without spending any actual money. Also, any items that affect gameplay can be earned via normal gameplay. The game launches with 4 heroes, which rotate from time to time. Your progress with each hero is saved so progress can resume when that hero comes back around into availability. 


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