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Stories are going around the interwebs claiming that Sony have unlocked the Playstation 4’s seventh CPU core, allowing developers to access more processor resources and thus essentially allowing game developers to make better games. 

The stories come from the recent update to FMOD, an audio tool used in video game development. The update, which came mid-November, states “Added FMOD_THREAD_ CORE6 to allow access to the newely unlocked 7th core”.

The patch notes from the FMOD update.
The patch notes from the FMOD update.

Unless this is a mistake on FMOD’s part, it is safe to assume that the PS4’s 7th core is now open to developers. In recent times graphical difference between Xbox One and PS4 have been almost null, so it will be interesting to see what this leads to. 

However, in January Xbox partially opened the Xbox One’s 7th core to developers leading to an increase in game quality compared to the previous year. So it is plausible that the Xbox One’s 7th core could be fully opened soon.