Next Iron Banner Will Have PS4/PS3 Exclusives

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Destiny‘s Iron Banner is coming back later this month with new rewards that are PlayStation-exclusives.

The latest Bungie Weekly Update states that the iron banner will be sometime after 10 AM PST on Tuesday, December 29. Bungie also revealed some possible new rewards that are in store for those who participate in Iron Banner. There are six new pieces of armor that are exclusive to the PS3 and PS4 versions of Destiny.




Here’s how you can get these items:

 Lord Saladin:

  • Rank 3: Boots
  • Rank 4: Helmets, Auto Rifles
  • Rank 5: Shotgun

 Post-game drops:

  • Rank 2: Helmets
  • Rank 3: Class Items, Auto Rifles
  • Rank 4: Shotgun


Multiplatform Rewards

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