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The final video from Nintendo’s presentation yesterday saw a lot of news for Super Smash Bros fans. Super Smash Bros creator Masahiro Sakurai revealed details about Cloud’s entry in to the game, as well as revealed two new characters and two new maps. 

Cloud, from Final Fantasy 7, will be joining the game as well as Corrin (from the soon to be released game Fire Emblem Fates) and Bayonetta (from the Bayonetta series). It’s worth noting Bayonetta was the most requested character from the Fighter Ballot, a poll asking fans to nominate characters they would like to see in the game, for Europe and number five in North America.

Sakurai also revealed two new stages which will be available as downloadable content. The first is Midgar, a stage from FF7 which will make Cloud feel right at home. The second is the Umbra Clock Tower stage, guaranteed to stop Bayonetta feeling homesick. 

This content is the final content to be released for Super Smash Bros, and means the game currently has 58 playable characters and 84 stages (across both the WiiU version and the 3DS version). Screenshots from the presentation, as well as the final presentation itself, are available below.