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Ubisoft have today released a new Virtual Reality (VR) project for the team at Ubisoft Montpellier to mark the release of the Jack The Ripper DLC. 

As the name suggests, this DLC revolves around the infamous serial killer Jack The Ripper and drops the player into the dark world of Jack The Ripper. The trailer (available below) is available to view in 360 degrees, allowing viewers to spin the camera in any direction they see fit, and is also available in it’s full VR glory using the Samsung Gear VR headset. 

“Nicolas [Bouchet] and I started working on this as a test to see how we could adapt a trailer to offer a true VR experience,” says Adrian Lacey, Director of IP Development at Ubisoft Montpelier. “Originally, we hadn’t planned on releasing it, but the results were so good we had to share it. The Jack the Ripper VR trailer is just a small taste of what virtual reality can bring, both in terms of storytelling and how it can help players go deeper into our worlds.”

A slideshow of screenshots from the DLC are available below.