Grand Theft Auto V Is Getting Luxury Update

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Rockstar’s crazy open-world game Grand Theft Auto V is set to get another free update. 

Called “Executive and Other Criminals”, the update will give players to live the luxury that all criminal kingpins crave. Players have the chance to create organisations and hire, or fire, other players as bodyguards for their organisation. Bodyguards earn a regular paycheck as well as other boosts for working for the organisation. 

Oganisations can go head to head in Freemode, with the update offering a range of new vehicles including :

  • new armoured vehicle variants
  • the “devastating” Turreted Limo
  • the Super Yacht, which comes with a suite of supporting weapon upgrades including the new SuperVolto Carbon helicopter as well as peronsal watercraft

There are also changes to some existing Freemode Events for those organisations who take part in the events, with changes to King of the Castle, Moving Target and more. There is also the new Extraction Adversary Mode which involves “tasking teams of Bodyguards to search, locate and safely extract an Executive from their downed jet before a Hit Squad intercepts and eliminates the target”. 

All of this plus an array of new weapons, new vehicles and more come to all platforms December 15th. The trailer is available below. 

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    1. if you click the title of the embedded video it will take you to the video on youtube. all info was taken from the description

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