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After enduring a car accident, Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) finds herself in an underground bunker with two unfamiliar men. Howard (John Goodman) informs Mary that he is the one who established the bunker, that the outside world has been rendered uninhabitable due to a toxic chemical attack, and that their only hope of surviving is to ride it out in the bunker. Although the bunker is secure and begins to feel comfortable Michelle’s curiosity and Howard’s controlling ways lead Michelle to plot an escape. Once Michelle puts her escape plan into action things take an unexpected turn leading Michelle to take things into her own hands and finally see the full truth of what has happened to the outside world.

10 Cloverfield Lane is a solid movie with a solid storyline but if you don’t pay attention then you may miss some key elements. This movie can definitely fall under the genres of Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and absolutely a Psychological Thriller. 10 Cloverfield is a movie that makes the viewer think and try to piece together what exactly is going on throughout the film, you will constantly find yourself asking the question of “Has the world really gone to crap or is this guy just full of crap?” The acting throughout the movie is well done and although John Goodman is really the only recognizable name in the cast lineup all three main characters are played well. Usually anything coming from J.J. Abrams is concrete and 10 Cloverfield Lane is just that, Dan Trachtenberg also did a job well done in directing the film leaving us with moments where we’re at the edge of our seats and wanting to look away from the screen to avoid the inevitable jump scare.

Some viewers who may not enjoy this movie are those of us with a low attention span as I said before the movie is not hard to follow but if you don’t pay attention then it could lose you.

Something that I’d really like to point out in this film is John Goodman’s role. He played a hell of a part  as Howard for his role as supporting actor, and in this film it was intriguing to see him fill the shoes of a more serious and sinister part. It’s very interesting to watch his career progress and as he gets older he seems to be leaning towards more serious sort of bad-guy roles as he is usually known for being a big teddy bear on screen.

In conclusion, 10 Cloverfield Lane is an excellent example of a modern Psychological Thriller that will have your mind reeling and trying to piece the parts together throughout the film.

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