Xbox Scorpio Awareness Relatively Low According To New US Report

American research company Nielson have released its annual gaming report and has highlighted a relative lack of awareness for Project Scorpio, the new console from Microsoft.

The US Games 360 Report 2017 was compiled from 2000-plus interviews with an equal mix of Male and Female candidates and was collected from Jan-March of 2017. The full report is available here and makes for some interesting reading..

The report covers a large range of topics about gaming, including one about the awareness of current consoles among gamers, in which the new Microsoft project Scorpio, didn’t fare too well. The chart shows that the US general popular over the age of 13 are most aware of PS4 (69%) and Xbox One One S (61%), with the Nintendo Switch coming in next (22%) and PS4 pro sitting 4th (21%). Project Scorpio however, didn’t do quite as well, coming in last with 11%.

The charts are an interesting read although there are many factors that come into why consoles have scored as they have. Microsoft announced the Scorpio over a year ago but have not parted with much information since, which is likely why the awareness of the project is so low. This has changed in the last few weeks, with Microsoft releasing some more details (see our earlier piece here) but the survey was generated before this information was released.

This is all likely to change with E3 getting closer in which it is likely that Microsoft will have more to show about the project, which is due later in the year.

Another interesting finding from the report is opinions on physical vs. digital games. Console gamers over the age of 13 still preferred physical copies with 69% of the vote, which is good news for game collectors such as myself. This opinion was the opposite for PC gamers in the same category, with 75% of respondents preferring digital games, but having access to Steam, this is not at all surprising.

How do you feel about the findings in this report? Are you looking forward to the Scorpio or are you waiting to see more before deciding? Let us know in the comments section below.

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