Wired Productions Begins a Year-Long Campaign to Raise Awareness of Mental Health Issues

Independent games developer and publisher Wired Productions have announced the start of their year-long campaign to help raise awareness and highlight the importance of mental health issues. To help raise this awareness they are teaming up with TakeThis Inc, who are a non-profit charity organisation. TakeThis work with communities to inform them of the many types of mental health disorders, and try to reduce the stigma that is associated with these illnesses.

Over the course of the next year Wired Productions are going to hold a number of activities, including their up and coming week-long bike ride – with the funds raised helping to fund the important services TakeThis offer. To start this off Wired Productions are going to donate a percentage of the sales of their game based around the horrors of a real-life asylum, Town of Light (read Ben’s review here) to the course. They will also be announcing more activities in the coming weeks.

Talking about the year-long campaign Leo Zullo, Managing Director, Wired Productions has stated;

“Although issues concerning mental health are beginning to be talked about more openly, the job of raising public awareness is far from complete. Our aim over the next year is to bring much needed funding to partners such as TakeThis, as well as other charities operating at local, national and international levels. The gaming community is such a caring collective, and we welcome its assistance in helping us bring these much needed support services to those that need it most.”

Shannon Gerritzen, Executive Director, TakeThis, Inc. also added;

“The stigma around discussing mental health exists. To see companies, like Wired Productions, in our gaming community take positive steps to ensure people know they are safe to discuss these topics, and that they should be discussing them, is a huge win. We are honored to be partnering with Wired on this initiative. We tell people all the time that it is okay to say, ‘Today I am not OK.’ This effort helps us amplify that message and we are grateful for the platform.”

If you’re interested in supporting Wired Productions by getting involved in charity events of your own, or if you’re a charity that specializes in supporting mental health issues and would like to register to be part of this activity, please contact fundraising@wiredproductions.com.

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