Virtua Tennis Challenge Joins SEGA Forever

SEGA has got into the swing of the Wimbledon season, and have released Virtua Tennis Challenge on their SEGA Forever app. Like all the other games released on the application the game is free-to-play with ad support, with the game previously being available on mobile platforms for £4.99.

Virtua Tennis Challenge was originally a SEGA Dreamcast game released in 2000, which was then re-imagined for mobile. The game has you playing in 18 stadiums all over the globe and against the worlds best players. It allows you to create your match winning plays, be it lobbing you opponent, catching them out with a top spin, or unleashing a super shot. The game will offer fans of Tennis and the game hours of entertainment.

Virtua Tennis Challenge is the latest title added to join SEGA Forever’s growing list of classic SEGA games, since its release near the end of June.

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