Crash Bandicoot Is Leaping Onto Other Platforms

Crash Bandicoot, the long-time PlayStation exclusive, is to make its way on to other platforms which marks the first time in history that the first 3 titles have been available on a console other than Sony.

Nintendo Announce Super NES Classic Edition

The rumour mill has proven correct and Nintendo have officially announced that they will be releasing the Super NES Classic Edition later this year, promising “significantly more” units than the previous iteration.

Retro-Spective: Soul Blade

Fighting games have been around as long as games consoles, did Soul Blade do enough to get noticed?

Seaman Creator Teases Possible Sequel

Seaman, one of the most bizarre games ever created could be getting another sequel, if recent tweets from the games creator are to believed.

New NVIDIA Tablet Available To Pre-Order

Games tablet developers NVIDIA, have announced they are releasing a new Android based retro gaming tablet. The JXD S192 has been called a…