Is The Playstation 4 Pro Upgrade Worth It?

I decided it was the correct time to upgrade to the Playstation 4 Pro model. Now I have spent a good bit of time with the console, do I think the upgrade was worth it?

Hill Climb Racing 2 Review

When I got my hands on Hill Climb Racing 2, I didn’t know what to expect really. Will Hill Climb Racing 2 be…

Destiny Rise Of Iron Details

Destiny’s Rise of Iron will mark year 3 for destiny players and add a lot of new content, but will also mark the end for old gen consoles getting DLC.

Cheating Seems To Be Very Common Now

Cheating in games has kind of become something that affects every gamer one way or another. Doesn’t matter if you’re a cheater or…

MY Favourite Games (Honourable Mentions)

Future Cop: LAPD (PS1) third person shooter, players play the role of a pilot for the X1-Alpha (Robot designed to fight) fighting in…