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British Esports Championships For Schools And Colleges To Be Piloted

Reading Time: 1 minute The British Esports Association has announced first details of its inaugural British Esports Championships. The championships will run specifically for schools and college students and will get underway with a pilot including three games: League of Legends, Overwatch and Project CARS 2.

Torment Tides of Numenera

Torment: Tides of Numenera Review

Reading Time: 8 minutes The type of game that Torment is not usually my cup of tea, and games I would not really take the time to play, but, did Torment change my opinion of this genre?

VR Ping Pong

VR Ping Pong Review

Reading Time: 3 minutes VR Ping Pong brings another sports similar to the Playstation VR, and one that is not available within any of the other games – but does it deliver a good experience?

Phil Spencer

Phil Spencer Says Mircosoft Will Still “Take Risks”

Reading Time: 1 minute Microsoft caused shock this week when it announced it had cancelled Scalebound. Phil Spencer has since then spoken more on the cancellation via Twitter, informing Microsoft will take “risks” with the games that it green-lights.

Lethal VR Review

Reading Time: 4 minutes Lethal VR is advertised as a FBI recruit assessment center. But, did it really give the feel of FBI training?

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