Super Mario Run Coming To Android

Super Mario Run, Nintendo’s latest venture into the mobile gaming world, will be hitting Android the week. The game has been an IOS exclusive so far but will be moving over to android devices on 23rd March.

For those who are unaware of the Italian plumbers latest adventure, it is an auto run game designed specifically for mobile devices and optimised to be played with one hand. The first few levels are free although it will cost you £7.99/$10 if you want the whole experience. The android version will be arriving with an update in the form of version 2.0.0 although no details have been given about whether the update will bring any major changes.

Super Mario Run has racked up 78 million downloads since its IOS release back in December and Nintendo have stated that 5% of these players paid for the whole experience which is an impressive amount of money.

Are those of you with Android devices looking forward to picking this one up or is it a little pricey for a mobile game? Let us know in the comments section below.

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