Skyrim Switch Dev Offers To Port Monster Hunter World To Switch

Monster Hunter World has proven to be a wildly popular game, but it has one minor downfall that I can think of; you can’t play it on the go. Well this may be about to change. Adam Boyes, CEO of Iron Galaxy Studios ( the team behind Skyrim’s Switch port), took to Twitter to explain that his studio is capable of porting the game to the Nintendo Switch. He stated that despite the fact that “porting the game to Nintendo Switch is challenging”, Iron Galaxy would be happy to prove that they are the people to do it.

Capcom have acknowledged that the demand for a Nintendo Switch port of Monster Hunter World is high, but that the challenges would come from the Switch having “different functions from other stationary consoles as well as different players”. It was also noted that the game was already deep in the development process for the PS4 and Xbox One when the Nintendo Switch was announced.

Would you enjoy Monster Hunter World being on the Nintendo Switch? On paper it seems to be perfect, and make sense. However it seems that practicalities may be the reason the game never crosses the bridge to Nintendo Switch. Let me know in the comments below if you would like a Switch port of MHW, and if you dont why not?

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