Sega Hints At New Sonic Racing Game, Also Announces Sonic Mania Plus

Gaming icon. Meme. Chilli dog expert. Whatever you think of Sonic The Hedgehog it’s hard to ignore the fact that for a long time he was a major player in the world of gaming. A few questionable games have lead the majority of gamers to lose faith in Sonic. However Sonic Mania seemed to fix that. The game seemed to give fans what they were asking for, something that was backed by Sega yesterday in their SXSW panel. The panel stated that Mania had been positively received, but there was one common complaint; the game had no physical version.

Welcome Mania Plus! This is a boxed version of Sonic Mania, but with some extra features. The box itself will feature a 32 page artbook, a holographic cover and a reversible cover. Luckily the game also has new features. These come in the form of two classic characters; Mighty The Armadillo and Ray The Flying Squirrel. It wasn’t explained how these characters will control, or if the levels will be altered to allow for the new characters mechanics.

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Mania Plus will also include an “encore” mode of remixed stages, as well as an updated version of Mania’s competition mode that will let four players race side by side. This new competition mode was not demonstrated at the panel. It was also revealed that owners of Mania can pay to unlock the Mania Plus content, but a price was not revealed. Mania Plus will release for PS4, Xbox One and Switch in “Summer 2018”.

The panel also had “one more thing” to announce. The below image was accompanied by headlight images and the sound of engines revving, making it fairly obvious that a Sonic racing game is in the works. The panel went on to confirm that this game is not a sequel to any existing Sonic game.

Are you excited for Mania Plus? Or this racing game? I enjoyed Mania when I played it at EGX, and am kind of happy with the release of a physical version of the game. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, or tweet us @games_bulletin with your thoughts!

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