Rockstar Publisher Registers Red Dead Online Domain

The internet has been buzzing recently with the news that a new Red Dead is about to be announced and Rockstar have been pretty good at keeping it under wraps, until today when an apparent leak has come to light.

Twitter user Bill Wright shrewdly noticed that Rock Star’s parent company, Take-Two; have registered the domain name If you attempt to visit this site, it redirects to the Rockstar Newswire post featuring the second teaser image released this week.

Red Dead
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The teaser picture features multiple characters leading many to believe that the game would be taking a leaf out of GTA V’s book with more than one playable character. With the success of GTA online, it stands to reason that a Wild West version would be coming with the new Red Dead release.

None of this is definitive however, publishers (and other companies) will quite often register a domain just to keep others from using them so only time will tell whether this holds any truth.

Rockstar have yet to comment on the issue as they are keeping the whole project under wraps. It is still unknown where fans can expect a sequel, a prequel or a remaster so watch this space for more news as it develops.

What are you hoping for from the franchise? Would you welcome a remaster or are you itching for a sequel. Let us know in the comments section below!

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