Rewards Released For Furi Players

To celebrate the first month of surprisingly successful boss battler Furi, developers ‘The Game Bakers’ have announced several tokens of appreciation for players.

The brutally difficult game was a surprising success on its release last month and has had gamers pulling their hair out trying to beat the bosses. The Game Bakers have shown their appreciation of the success by offering free PS4 Avatars and for PC owners, wallpapers/profile pictures to download. Top players who have earned all trophies and achivements can also claim a 30% discount off T-Shirts, posters and vinyl from the Furi store with those who completed the game able to claim 15%. To claim coupons, players should contact The Game Bakers at with proof of achievement.

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For those who missed Furi, it is a hack and slash/bullet-hell hybrid that consists completely of boss battles with a story linking them together. The game has a very vibrant neon 80’s style and involves very quick wits and a good memory to beat the bosses. The game has been a huge success with a somewhat cult following, with speed-runners managing to beat the game in just 35 minutes!

Furi is available now on Steam or via the PlayStation store.

Have you picked up Furi yet? Were you able to slay all of the bosses? Let us know in the comments section below!

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