Reaper From Overwatch To Get $150 Statue

Overwatch fans who like Reaper are in for a treat as Blizzard have reveled a $150 statue of the skeletal mercenary.

The well-detailed statue stands at an impressive 12 inches tall and shows reaper with his arms extended, pointing his signature shotguns as he does in his ultimate, Death Blossom.

The pictures below show the statue in all its glory:




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The statue is polystone (so don’t drop it) and was sculpted by Brian Fay of Blizzard. The statues are hand painted which makes each one unique and gives a very detaild and slick look. The statue is available on the Blizzard store to purchase now but fans will have quite a wait to get their hands on it as the first wave are not due to ship until the first quarter of 2017 (Jan-Mar)and the second wave isn’t coming until the third quarter of 2017 (Jul-Sep)! Maybe a Christmas present for next year for those Reaper fans out there.

Nothing has been said about whether fans can expect more characters to be getting similar statues but with so many characters and personalities, it is likely more will be coming.

Are you a fan of Reaper? Are you a big enough fan to shell out $150? Let us know in the comment section below.

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