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PUBG Developers Response About The Paid DLC Skins

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Bluehole is using the “crate-and-key” DLC system because they need to test their system before Plyer Unkown’s Battle Ground is officially released.


Bluehole has added a new “crate-and-key” system where you need to buy keys to open crates for cosmetic loot. Players have been voicing their opinions on the new system and many of them dislike that an early access game has paid cosmetic DLC. PUBG developers say they are testing the system prior to the launch of the game. On Steam Brendan Greene has addressed the complaints directly and said that this is just an early test version and it is necessary for creating a stable in-game economy.

“The idea of testing, prior to full implementation, is at the heart of adding every new game feature in our game, and this includes the crate-and-key system which we believe will serve as the foundation of a healthy economy after launch.”This is an economy that would and should benefit all players–both who are willing to pay and who are not willing to pay for vanity items. It is important that all our players are able to enjoy the various items that will be provided for customization, and it is even more crucial that we have a stable self-sustaining economy that maintains the value of the items you have purchased or gained.” Said Brendan Greene. This system is optional and will only give cosmetic items. He then apologized for the confusion about the original announcement of the of the new system.

Do you play PUBG? What are your feelings on the new “crate-and-key” system? Let me know in the comments below!

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